Appropriate interior design is not a simple task, but with professional help it can be a creative challenge, and the end result can be very satisfying. Because we want you to make informed decisions and to be sure that your choice is correct, we have a thoroughly tested procedure which ensures effective cooperation with our customers.


  • A visit to the merchant outlet

    A visit in our store, thanks to the possibility to see what is displayed, can be a source of inspiration, and our professional personnel will provide help and advice. At this point you will be presented with the full range of materials available (table tops, veneers and paints) as well as practical solutions of our modern furniture systems. We encourage you to bring a floor plan (based on your own measurements or the developer's plans), thanks to which our merchant will be able to create an initial project, followed by a valuation
  • Measurement visit

    After the acceptance of the initial valuation you will be visited by our designer at your convenience. The designer will bring samples of various materials as well as measure the rooms which are to be furnished with the furniture you selected. During the visit we will also analyse the initial design and you will be presented with optimised solutions tailored to your own needs.
  • Designing stage

    After completing the measurements, the designer will prepare a 3D visualisation, which does not preclude making subsequent changes should you wish to do so. Thanks to the flexibility of the initial stage of the project, you will be able to clarify your vision. We will discuss even seemingly unimportant details, such as the type of hinges or handles, which in reality influence the entire project. You can also order a sample of paint or veneer in a given colour.
  • Contract

    After clarifying the details of the project we can meet to sign an agreement. This is only a formality. You will receive full documentation in the form of graphic appendices (dimensioned printouts: projections, views, perspective) and calculations. At this stage we ask you to familiarise yourself with the product data sheet (a collection of information on the properties of materials and company standards).
  • Production

    w przygotowaniu
  • Montage

    We cooperate only with experienced teams of installers who know the ins and outs of our work. They ensure that rooms are properly secured and are prepared to make small corrections, which are sometimes necessary in case of custom furniture
  • Return

    We are very proud of the numerous happy customers who were satisfied by the level of our services and who return to us with new projects. Nevertheless, we constantly strive to reach more and more people - our designers are at your service all the time, you just have to make an appointment at your convenience.